The Wine of the Month Club presents the 
2001 Western States Scale Championships

Friday September 21st Doors open at 7:00AM

1/32 Plafit International 32 and 1/24 Plafit Flexi on the "Korkscrew" roadcourse. 
Signups and tech held together for these two classes.  Signups and Tech open for both Plafit classes at 3:00pm.  Racing starts at 4:00pm. 
So Cal USRA 4.5" "Slammed" Nastrucks on the Grandstand Hillclimb.
Signups open at 7:00pm. Tech at 7:30. Racing begins at 8:00pm. 

Saturday September 22nd Doors open at 7:00AM

1/32 Eurosport on the "Korkscrew" roadcourse. CASH PAYOUT! $100/50/25
Signups and Tech opens at 8:00am. Racing starts at 9:00AM. Ultimate Bodies OK!  
SoCal USRA 4" GP10 Nascar on the "Grandstand" Hillclimb. 
Signups at 10:00AM. Tech at 10:30AM. Racing starts at 11:00AM.
Pro GT-12 on the "Korkscrew" roadcourse. CASH PAYOUT! $100/50/25
Signups and Tech at 6:00PM. Racing starts at 7:00PM.  

Sunday September 23rd Doors open at 7:00AM

1/24 Eurosport on the "Korkscrew" roadcourse. CASH PAYOUT! $100/50/25
Signups and Tech at 8:00AM. Racing starts at 9:00AM Ultimate Bodies OK!
SoCal USRA GT-1 on the "Grandstand" Hillclimb 
Tech and Signups at 11:00AM. Racing starts at 12:00 Noon
SoCal USRA GT-12 on the "Grandstand" Hillclimb
Signups at 4:00PM, Tech at 4:30PM, Race at 5:00PM.  Ball bearing in can OK.

All roadcourse classes will be run as multiple mains with lap totals counting towards overall places. 80% Merchandise Payout.  All Cash Payouts are in addition to Merchandise! All Adult Podium Finishers will receive a great bottle of wine!  EURO RACERS: RSVP and get 3 hours track time FREE! 

All SoCal USRA classes will have amateur and expert races with semis and a main with standard SoCal USRA Payouts. Concourse judging in all classes! For hotel and transportation info call the raceway  or E-mail


Uncle Kal's Underground   626-303-0585   116 West Lime Avenue    Monrovia, California 91016