Roadcourse Series Our regular race schedules at the new raceway are still under construction and full details will be published here soon. The classes below are confirmed so far.

Thursday evenings at 8:00 
Races are run for GT16 cars - 4" Flexi, LMP body, Super 16D Motor

Friday evenings at 7:30pm 
Uncle Kal's Rally Cars - 4" Flexi Chassis, Sealed Falcon Motor, JK Rally Car bodies (must have driver and navigator.)

Saturday afternoons at 3:00 pm
  Junior Racers - Deathstar cars with Winged bodies - 4" Flexi, sealed 16D deathstar motor
      Adult Racers - GTP cars - 4" Flexi, sealed 16d Deathstar motors

Saturday evenings at 7:30pm
    Uncle Kals Sport Trucks. Falcon Motors, 4" Flexi Chassis, 4" Truck Body

Sunday evenings at 6:00pm
    Wing 12's 

For more info about the cars and rules click here