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At Uncle Kal's we offer racing for all sorts of different cars and classes,
both on our Road Racing Tracks and the Dragstrip.

Drag Racing

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Uncle Kal's Drag City is now open with racing being held on both Wednesday and Saturday nights. There is Bracket racing on both nights for all types of cars with a couple of heads up classes being added soon including Edge car racing and Mountain Motor Pro Stock.

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The Deathstar class is our "beginners" class, and races are held every Saturday afternoon for kids and adults starting at 3:00pm.
- Parma sealed P501 "Deathstar" motor
- 48 pitch gears with 9 tooth pinion  (26 tooth spur recommended for adults)
- Juniors 9/30 48pitch standard gear ratio
- 1/8 inch axle
- .010 minimum body thickness.
- Any 4" Flexi Type Chassis
- Gear may not hang below chassis
- Adults GTP bodies, Juniors Wing Bodies

Uncle Kal's Sport Trucks

Uncle Kals Sport Trucks racing is held every Saturday night on the Korkscrew Roadcourse these little trucks are a blast.

- JK Falcon sealed motor
- Any gear/pinion pitch/ratio
- Any 4" Flexi type chassis
- 3/32 or 1/8 inch axle
- Front wheels may be mounted to body, and may be stickers
- Front wheel towers may be removed
- No clearance rule, however gear may not hang below chassis
- JK .010 Truck bodies only (Ford Dodge, Chev). 1/8" Front and rear bumpers. Rear bed must be level.

Super Trucks


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Super Trucks - A great class for the scale minded racer.
- 4.5" Flexi Chassis
- Sealed Parma P502 Super 16D Motor
- Rear tires Min .790
- 13/16 Front tires

GT 1 and GT 16

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GT1 and GT 16 - Using great looking LMP bodies. These two classes are the same apart from the GT1 class usese Contender Motors and the GT 16 class uses Super 16d Motors. GT16
is currently raced on Thursday Nights.

- GT16: Super 16D Motor  GT1: Contender Motor
- Gear may not hang below chassis
- JK LMP or similar bodies
- 1/8 or 3/32 rear axles
- Any gear pitch or ratio
- 4" Flexi type chassis of any brand

GT 12


GT 12 - These are amongst the fastest cars raced at Uncle Kals.

- C Can Group 12 motors
- Gear may not hang below chassis
- GTP/Ultimate bodies
- 3/32 rear axles
- Any gear pitch or ratio
- USRA approved GT12 chassis


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These are the NASCAR Winston Cup cars that everyone knows so well. Powered by Balanced 16D's they are fast, very scale looking and fun to drive. Pick out your favourite NASCAR driver and create a replica of their car and come racing.

- 4" Flexi type chassis of any brand
- Any gear ratio/pitch
- 3/32 or 1/8 axles
- Any 16D motor by Parma, Fast Ones (twistrr) or Kelly
- Must have tagged 16D Arm. Bruiser and other big dia arms are legal



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Indycars are a whole lot of fun to race, and feature a eurosport style chassis with a contender motor, making these cars fast and fun to race.
- Jk Pro Indycar Spring Steel Type Chassis
- Any gear ratio/pitch
- 3/32 axles
- Contender C Can Motor
- JK Indycar (or F1) Body
- F1/Indycar Front Tires

Falcon Formula One / Indycars


These are one of our newest classes and use the all new JK Falcon Indycar/F1 chassis. These cars are a low cost fun class to race.
- Jk Falcon Indycar/F1 Chassis
- Must use 64 Pitch 13T Pinion and 39T Gear
- 3/32 axles
- JK Falcon Motor Only
- JK Formula One / Indycar Body
- JK Rear tires
- F1/Indycar Front Tires

Euro Trucks


Just like the trucks these are modeled after, these are the true monsters of the slot car world. Be careful as you thunder around the track, as crashing will lead to major damage, and don't forget to check overhead clearance under the bridges.
- Jk Eurotruck Chassis
- Eurotruck Body
- 48 Pitch gear and pinion
- Sealed 16D Motor
- 1/8 axles
- Eurotruck Front and Rear Tires

International 32

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International 32 Class -
- Parma International 32 chassis
- Falcon motor
- LMP type bodies
- Any size gears (64 pitch 13-36 recommended)
- Gear may not hang below chassis
- No clearance rule